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Blue Heron Spey Hooks

Blue Heron Spey Hooks

Blue Heron Spey Hooks are designed by Dave McNeese
manufactured exclusively for Blue Heron Spey Hooks by Gamakatsu of Japan

Forged Body * 3X Long Shank * 1X Strong Wire *
X-Fine Long Tapered Low Set Eye * Extremely Sharp Long Point *
Hard Black Chrome Finish *
Exhibition Grade!

These hooks feature a fine blued finish in C-80 steel with a very small, long return eye angled at 5% to prevent the fly from riding up on the swing. Dave designed these hooks with a slightly longer point and they are tempered hard, not brittle with a very old recipe so the point will NOT break off on the rocks during a back-cast. They are long with a beautiful flow and are the finest exhibition hooks made.
Sizes: #1 = 2.25″, #2 = 2.00″. #3 = 1.90" 10 per Pack

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