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Nymph-Head® Evolution™ Caddis Tungsten Beadheads

Nymph-Head® Evolution™ Caddis Tungsten Beadheads

The Evolution Caddis tungsten beadhead is molded after the common caddis pupa head profile -- round and undersized with bulbous eyes.

Evolution beadheads are simpler to use and have greater versatility than ordinary beads.

The holes are slightly bigger to fit a much larger range of hook styles and sizes. This extra space is designed for lead or lead-free wire to be used with the beadhead to create better body profiles. It also allows you to create neater flies by hiding excess materials, eliminating the ugly “thread collar” so typical of many beadhead nymph patterns

Take your tying and fishing to the next level by adding the final, previously impossible, element of realism to your caddis nymphs.

Quantity per pack: 15 beads
  • Details

    Medium Size will fit Hook Sizes #10-#12
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