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Apex Predator Bobbin--(DEER CREEK EDITION)

Apex Predator Bobbin--(DEER CREEK EDITION)

These last 6 months we have been thinking about a new breed of fly tying bobbin, what to do and how to do it. Making it simple yet high tech, my friend Stefan prototyping small parts on the lathe to see if they work together and consequently making blueprints. so we came up with an bobbin thats:

- Hard anodized surface in four colors, orange, purple, black and lime green

-all aluminum and carbon fiber construction

-xl ceramic insert with bigger inner diameter thats suited for thicker threads as well and easier to thread

-adjustable tube that can be dialed in according to preferances and even swapped if the accident shows its ugly face

-oversised simple brake system

- and a big sturdy 6mm axel to give the ruggedness needed for those that tie bigger flies.

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